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William "Will" Osborne - Head coach

Will has a background in a variety of sports, Athletics, Rugby and  Taekwondo. He has held various regional records in Athletics as a teen, enjoyed playing Rugby at a premier level in New Zealand and Australia, and has competed in Oympic Taekwondo, representing New Zealand on the Youth Olympic stage and multiple national and international tournaments before deciding to retire. Wanting to stay active, he started CrossFit at "Crossfit Nefarious" now "Nefarious fitness and performance" where he was blessed to learn from some of the best in the bussiness of CrossFit and Olympic Weighlifting. Here he gained his Crossfit level 1 and found the perfect place to hone his passion for coaching before deciding to launch "Intune Fittness Collective" ( Now AwaNui CrossFit ) in 2020. The greatest gift he got from having amazing coaches, was experiencing the many different methods they used to refine and improve movements. His passion for constant growth and knowledge in training can be seen in his ability to simplify and teach technical movements in a fun and caring way to any athlete of any level and age, all while providing a great atmosphere and a community where people feel safe to push their boundries.


"If I cant explain the movement to an 8 year old, Im making it too complicated"

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